Forbidden Memories is the debut album of the Croatian five-piece symphonic-metal band Downcast Art. Their music – a fusion of alternative and classical influences, heavy riffs and ornamental elements – is, after long hours of studio-work, finally seeing the light of day. Alongside promotional work which precedes the record’s release date, the final creation was forged in the band’s own private studio and the mastering process has been entrusted with a renowned German mastering studio, marking the group’s ambition and departure towards new artistic challenges. While giving birth to the heart and soul of everything that Forbidden Memories is, the band had done live shows and a tour, constantly gathering fans, appearing in talk-shows, magazines and releasing a promotional CD, gaining precious experience which will guide them in the coming times.

The music of Forbidden Memories is a reflection of complex themes and motives, sometimes even a mystery to the creators – it is there to take the listeners to a place within them, known from long before, to an aging letter in the chest of their memories. The instrumental parts are rich and so often filled with rivalry, yet they are subdued by emotions brought by the expressive vocals, taking everything and everyone on a journey through the unknown. Every chapter and every song is brought to life with the imagery in the album’s booklet, painting a world without time, a world where the clock tells only eternity, singing its songs.

Forbidden Memories will be promoted through concerts and touring in 2012 and, partially, in 2013. All of the latest info will be available on the band’s official website: where people can access their music, videos and any other band-related information they may need.

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